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Anfrage an EU-Außenbeauftragte hinsichtlich der israelischen Siedlungspolitik


On 24 January 2017, the Israeli government announced that it would approve building 2,500 new housing units on the West bank. These constructions are deemed illegal under international law. Additionally, last week it was announced that the building of hundreds of new houses in (occupied) East-Jerusalem was approved. Both developments come after UN Security Council resolution (2334) of 23 December 2016 condemned Israel's current settlement policy.

Was the High Representative made aware of this planned construction and what contacts have there been regarding this issue with the Israeli government?

Will the High Representative condemn this and any other future construction by Israel, which is illegal under international law and makes a two-state solution significantly more difficult?

How will the High Representative ensure coordination with other international partners to ensure that international law is respected?




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