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Ungarische Linke: Ein Wahlbetrug ist nicht ausgeschlossen


Vertreter von ungarischen Linksparteien und Nichtregierungsorganisation haben sich an die GUE/NGL-Fraktion im Europäischen Parlament gewandt und darauf hingewiesen, dass bei den Parlamentswahlen in einer Woche eine Wahlbeeinflussunf bzw. gar eine Wahlfälschung zuungusten kleiner und insbesondere linker Parteien droht. Wir dokumentieren das Schreiben.

Letter to the GUE/NGL fraction

Representatives of the below signatory parties, motivated by their concerns about the fundamental violation of the democratic and fair nature of the elections in Hungary, are appealing to the GUE/NGL faction of the European Parliament.

The scandals of the recent period have drawn attention to the fact that in the Hungarian electoral system there is a law stipulating the verification of the signatures required for the nomination of MP candidates. Several democratic parties have asked for this procedure in certain cases, which is the statutory duty of the electoral authorities. In each case, they received an answer that this was impossible, because the databases do not contain signatures, so they are unverifiable. This means that, in the possession of personal data, anyone can falsify signatures on the lists of recommendation, as this have been done according to the revealed scandals. Although the signatures cannot be cross-checked, the lists of recommendation with the same names in the same order raise the suspicion that they are copied from each other. This raises the responsibility of those who copied the names and also those who made the names available to the copiers either for political purposes or for financial gain.

As it is well-known, even in the 2014 elections the Hungarian candidate recommendation system was strongly objected. We cannot consider as a mitigating circumstance that in the corrupt electoral system, for many parties only fraud was the sole chance to launch a candidate.

In Hungary, within the framework of the “democratic rule of law", it is impossible to remedy all these anomalies, since the government usurping the state structure has no willingness to do so, the system favors those on power. The signatories of this letter have previously contacted the OSCE that an independent, international, expert committee should identify the breaches of law and the faults of the system and try to put pressure on the ruling government to correct them; as well as to identify those responsible that the creators and beneficiaries of this present system can be accountable after a possible change of government and having created an independent judiciary system.

Since then, more scandalous cases have been disclosed. In one of the constituencies several parties have used dead persons` data to make their lists of recommendations for candidates. There were more than a thousand dead people`s data in this constituency.
A suspicion of fraud extends to the whole system, so we are requesting the GUE/NGL faction of the European Parliament to initiate setting up a committee of inquiry to investigate the frauds and anomalies of the electoral system.


Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006
Attila Vajnai

Left Party
Szilárd Kalmár

MEBAL (Hungarian United Left) 
Gyula Mészáros

Gyula Hegyi,
President of the Leftist Platform of the Hungarian Socialist Party

Organisers for The Left
György Droppa

ATTAC Hungary
Mátyás Benyik

Antifascist Liga
Tamás Hirschler

1st May Association 
András Szebeni





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